My New Malden A5 in Purple

It has been a LONG time since I have posted on my blog but I have been on the hunt for planner peace. I had been using my A5 Filofax in Vintage Pink, however I then discovered Gillio………

Gillio became addictive and I ended up buying various organiser styles, colours and sizes. They were beautiful, yet rather expensive organisers and I still found myself constantly looking at pictures of the Malden in all its glory! The quality of the Gillio organisers was lovely but I didn’t think that they were as “Incredible” as everyone had been saying. There were a hefty price and being a student, I ended up asking myself “Is the price of a Gillio really worth it?

It was when I was informed that I had a new job that I decided to back to FILOFAX. My job requires an A5 organiser, and the cost of Gillio’s ones were VERY expensive. So… I decided to order a new A5 Filofax Malden in Purple. Now.. I had previously owned one of these many years ago, and I didn’t bond with it. The leather was very very shiny… you could almost say it was PATENT!! It was also a very dark purple colour. However I had noticed that when I went into a local stationers that the purple looked ALOT lighter then my original one back i 2013.

I ordered it last night and it arrived TODAY! (Amazon Prime)

I was very ANXIOUS about receiving it as I wanted one that was quite smooth and a lighter shade of purple. I was also worried that after selling my Gillio’s I may regret it …. but I was OVERJOYED when this stunning Filo arrived!!! I had missed the malden ALOT!!

 I will do an update post with my A5 Set up etc….. 🙂


2015 Is Now In Full Swing!

Hello all, hope you are having a great start to 2015 I thought I would share with you some pictures of my Filofax A5 Malden in full swing! Front Cover… Beautiful as ever! IMG_0688 My page a day format is working out really well so far, I love having so much more space to plan! IMG_0673

I have also been using my Filofax to plan and research important essays for Uni! I tend to use the white ruled notepaper for this, as I feel the coloured notepaper is to nice to waste on rough notes! IMG_0672    IMG_0677 In my ‘Information’ section I have a copy of my colleges mark scheme that I always refer to when writing an essay! I also have a page dedicated to “How to write a good essay” which again, I always refer to. IMG_0675 I now have my ‘Finance’ section fully set up now, I use the expenses sheets to record different things such as Shopping,  House, Travel, Academic etc.. I feel a lot more in control of my finance since I started using this insert. IMG_0682

At the back of my Filofax, I have some vintage style papers that I use for miscellaneous notes. For example,  I wrote down a list of New Year’s resolutions for this year! IMG_0683 I am absolutely loving my current set up and am still very much in love with my Malden in Vintage Pink!

Homemade Dividers

Yesterday evening I sat staring at my gorgeous Filofax……..

photo 5

I started to think that the inside looked slightly plain and unexciting …..So I decided to create some dividers! 😀

I found some lovely ‘vintage style’ paper …

photo 1

I then glued each A5 cotton cream dividers onto the back of the paper, and cut around the divider, followed by re-punching the holes! This took sometime…..

photo 2

I was very pleased with the results!!!

photo 4

Now my Filofax interior looks much more interesting and colourful ! 😀

My A5 Set Up

After a few days of hard thinking, I have finally decided on my Filofax set up for 2015!

Inside Front Cover


The A5 Malden has a great space within the inside cover, in which I use to store important papers (mainly timetables) as well as business cards etc. In addition, the long zipped pocket contains a variety of post it notes and tabs.

Front Page 

I am still hunting for a ‘vintage style’ patterned paper – I think Etsy is the answer for that one!

Section 1: Diary/Planner

At the front of my diary is my University Timetable, which I have colour coded.



I am using a day per page for 2015, allowing a greater amount of in-depth planning. I was toying with the idea of colour coding; using a different pen for a different subject/occasion, however when I was using a personal size Malden, despite creating a colour coding system, I never stuck to it. It became to difficult to constantly use a specific colour for each subject!

Coloured Tab Coding


Despite not using a written colour coding system, I have decided to use a ‘coloured tab system’ which is a much easier system to maintain! For example

PINK = University term datesIMG_0453

PURPLE = Assessment and Examination Dates

ORANGE = Payment/Financial Dates

LIGHT PINK = Special Occasions

Section 2: Notes

Within my ‘Notes’ section I have:

– To Do Lists

– Ruled Paper

– Graph Paper

Section 3: English Literature  and Section 4: Drama

These are the two subjects I am studying at University so I am technically known as a Joint Honours student 😉

Both sections contain exactly the same information:


Assessment Record and Target Page                                   Lecture/Seminar Timetables

– Ruled and Graph Note Paper (for planning assignments)

Section 5: Money 

I am still working on this section and am awaiting some financial inserts to arrive from the Filofax website!

Back Pocket


In the back pocket I have decided to keep a lot of sentimental things such as thank you cards, little notes etc as well as a few misc (but still important) papers. I also have a shopping list pad which comes in very handy!

There is still work to do on my setup, but so far I am extremely happy with it 🙂

I will hopefully be uploading a video, perhaps after christmas/ early January with my complete set up!

I hope all my readers have a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and an extremely ‘Happy New Year!’

Introducing My New Malden A5

Well, today I received an extremely special parcel, containing an … A5 MALDEN IN VINTAGE PINK!!!!

The Filofax is brand new and the leather and rings are PERFECT!!

Here are some pictures…

        IMG_0432      IMG_0427IMG_0429        There is nothing better than the smell of new leather and new inserts!

IMG_0433 The leather on this Malden is perfect compared to the previous ones I have owned. When I had my Ochre, it was a very dry leather and when I had the Purple Malden, the leather was VERY wrinkly looking. It also had a patent shine to it which made it feel a little plasticky! The leather on the Vintage Pink, is not to rough, not to wrinkly but just right!

I am so happy I sold my aqua and bought a Vintage Pink in A5 😀

My task for today….. SETTING IT UP!

SPIRALDEX – A New Way of Planning

I am always looking at other Filofaxer’s and their set ups! I love to be inspired to try new ways of planning my time effectively! Yesterday, I came across the Spiraldex, which looks like this ….caf5cf31c44c87f1cc99e7dd61ac0f90This new system of planning was a very exciting discovery! The thought of using a more visual way of planning was very appealing. Sometimes a day can become so busy, your diary page can become just a heap of frantic scribbles! Being able to visually see what I need to do at specific times, allows a simple and effective method of keeping on track with my studies etc.

So… I decided to create some Spiraldex inserts for my new A5!


I must admit – I am not sure how often I will use these inserts, most probably for busier days in the week and particularly for revision periods! But I can’t wait to start experimenting with them!

Now to create a colour coding system….

Looks Like The A5 Size Is The Answer

After much thought and deliberation, I decided that my personal Malden was just to small for my current needs! I decided that because my university studies are becoming so hectic, an A5 was the answer. I was searching the Facebook pages and Ebay, trying to find an A5 Malden in Vintage Pink – mainly because I have not owned that colour and it looked more of a light purple than a pink. I quickly received a reply from a lady on Facebook, stating that she had an A5 Malden in Pink for sale! Before I knew it, the deal was done! It is currently on its way to me, along with some new inserts!

Watch this space……..