About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

About Me:

I am a student studying Drama and English Literature in hope of becoming a secondary school teacher.

My Filofax History: 

For several years now, I have been fixated on Filofax’s. I have used many different sizes and formats depending on my needs at the time. These have ranged from my first Filofax (which was a Cross A5 in Pistachio) to various sizes and colours in the Malden range such as ochre, crimson, purple etc.

Why do I LOVE the Filofax?

I love the ability to constantly change the layout of my Filofax to suit my needs at a given time. For example during the first 2 semesters I use a week on two pages, and then during my exam term, a day to a page, allowing in-depth planning (revision timetables etc)

Why have I decided to write a blog?

I have decided to write this blog in order to share my Filofax set up in the hope of inspiring and helping others! (particularly students like myself)


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