My New Malden A5 in Purple

It has been a LONG time since I have posted on my blog but I have been on the hunt for planner peace. I had been using my A5 Filofax in Vintage Pink, however I then discovered Gillio………

Gillio became addictive and I ended up buying various organiser styles, colours and sizes. They were beautiful, yet rather expensive organisers and I still found myself constantly looking at pictures of the Malden in all its glory! The quality of the Gillio organisers was lovely but I didn’t think that they were as “Incredible” as everyone had been saying. There were a hefty price and being a student, I ended up asking myself “Is the price of a Gillio really worth it?

It was when I was informed that I had a new job that I decided to back to FILOFAX. My job requires an A5 organiser, and the cost of Gillio’s ones were VERY expensive. So… I decided to order a new A5 Filofax Malden in Purple. Now.. I had previously owned one of these many years ago, and I didn’t bond with it. The leather was very very shiny… you could almost say it was PATENT!! It was also a very dark purple colour. However I had noticed that when I went into a local stationers that the purple looked ALOT lighter then my original one back i 2013.

I ordered it last night and it arrived TODAY! (Amazon Prime)

I was very ANXIOUS about receiving it as I wanted one that was quite smooth and a lighter shade of purple. I was also worried that after selling my Gillio’s I may regret it …. but I was OVERJOYED when this stunning Filo arrived!!! I had missed the malden ALOT!!

 I will do an update post with my A5 Set up etc….. 🙂


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