2015 Is Now In Full Swing!

Hello all, hope you are having a great start to 2015 I thought I would share with you some pictures of my Filofax A5 Malden in full swing! Front Cover… Beautiful as ever! IMG_0688 My page a day format is working out really well so far, I love having so much more space to plan! IMG_0673

I have also been using my Filofax to plan and research important essays for Uni! I tend to use the white ruled notepaper for this, as I feel the coloured notepaper is to nice to waste on rough notes! IMG_0672    IMG_0677 In my ‘Information’ section I have a copy of my colleges mark scheme that I always refer to when writing an essay! I also have a page dedicated to “How to write a good essay” which again, I always refer to. IMG_0675 I now have my ‘Finance’ section fully set up now, I use the expenses sheets to record different things such as Shopping,  House, Travel, Academic etc.. I feel a lot more in control of my finance since I started using this insert. IMG_0682

At the back of my Filofax, I have some vintage style papers that I use for miscellaneous notes. For example,  I wrote down a list of New Year’s resolutions for this year! IMG_0683 I am absolutely loving my current set up and am still very much in love with my Malden in Vintage Pink!


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