My A5 Set Up

After a few days of hard thinking, I have finally decided on my Filofax set up for 2015!

Inside Front Cover


The A5 Malden has a great space within the inside cover, in which I use to store important papers (mainly timetables) as well as business cards etc. In addition, the long zipped pocket contains a variety of post it notes and tabs.

Front Page 

I am still hunting for a ‘vintage style’ patterned paper – I think Etsy is the answer for that one!

Section 1: Diary/Planner

At the front of my diary is my University Timetable, which I have colour coded.



I am using a day per page for 2015, allowing a greater amount of in-depth planning. I was toying with the idea of colour coding; using a different pen for a different subject/occasion, however when I was using a personal size Malden, despite creating a colour coding system, I never stuck to it. It became to difficult to constantly use a specific colour for each subject!

Coloured Tab Coding


Despite not using a written colour coding system, I have decided to use a ‘coloured tab system’ which is a much easier system to maintain! For example

PINK = University term datesIMG_0453

PURPLE = Assessment and Examination Dates

ORANGE = Payment/Financial Dates

LIGHT PINK = Special Occasions

Section 2: Notes

Within my ‘Notes’ section I have:

– To Do Lists

– Ruled Paper

– Graph Paper

Section 3: English Literature  and Section 4: Drama

These are the two subjects I am studying at University so I am technically known as a Joint Honours student 😉

Both sections contain exactly the same information:


Assessment Record and Target Page                                   Lecture/Seminar Timetables

– Ruled and Graph Note Paper (for planning assignments)

Section 5: Money 

I am still working on this section and am awaiting some financial inserts to arrive from the Filofax website!

Back Pocket


In the back pocket I have decided to keep a lot of sentimental things such as thank you cards, little notes etc as well as a few misc (but still important) papers. I also have a shopping list pad which comes in very handy!

There is still work to do on my setup, but so far I am extremely happy with it 🙂

I will hopefully be uploading a video, perhaps after christmas/ early January with my complete set up!

I hope all my readers have a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and an extremely ‘Happy New Year!’


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