Introducing My New Malden A5

Well, today I received an extremely special parcel, containing an … A5 MALDEN IN VINTAGE PINK!!!!

The Filofax is brand new and the leather and rings are PERFECT!!

Here are some pictures…

        IMG_0432      IMG_0427IMG_0429        There is nothing better than the smell of new leather and new inserts!

IMG_0433 The leather on this Malden is perfect compared to the previous ones I have owned. When I had my Ochre, it was a very dry leather and when I had the Purple Malden, the leather was VERY wrinkly looking. It also had a patent shine to it which made it feel a little plasticky! The leather on the Vintage Pink, is not to rough, not to wrinkly but just right!

I am so happy I sold my aqua and bought a Vintage Pink in A5 😀

My task for today….. SETTING IT UP!


2 thoughts on “Introducing My New Malden A5

    1. Thank you so much! I put a few adds on the Filofax Facebook pages! Within hours an extremely kind lady in London messaged me stating she had a brand new one for sale! It cost quite a lot but the fact it is so beautiful and rare – it was well worth it 😀


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